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1-2-1 Coaching sessions for confidence

Stress Management

Unable to think clearly? Debilitated by worry and anxity? Too busy to enjoy your work and relationships? Frequently overwhelmed by life's challenges?


I can help!

• For individuals, self employed and business

• Develop a happy, motivated workforce

• Achieve work life balance

• Enhance performance

• Control anxiety

• Maximise productivity

• Empower individuals

• Reduce absence and chances of stress related illness

• Cultivate a courageous and creative culture within pressured environments

Public Speaking


Hate speaking in meetings? Anxious about preparing speeches? Dread giving presentations? Loosing sleep over the tomorrows pitch?

I can help you!


• Strategies for dealing with anxiety and nerves

• Find your authentic voice

• Completely  personalised public speaking training

• Direction from an experienced performer, director and public speaker

• Planning and preparation guidance

• Presentation skills

• Ways to build a rapport with your audience

• Understanding your non verbal communication

• Filmed footage of progress

Confidence Building


Suffering from low self-esteem? Avoiding situations when you have to speak in public? Watching opportunities pass you by? Having trouble communicating your needs, let alone achieving them? Want to make lasting positive impressions that ensure that you stand out from the crowd?

I can help you!

• Know what you want, communicate your needs and get them met

• Be a better communicator

• Break negative patterns in your professional and personal life

• Break the drama cycle

• Be the master of your own destiny

• Be charismatic, confident and present in all of your relationships




"The best confidence training I have ever had. I have struggled with confidence for most of my life and my lack of belief in my abilities has stopped me doing so many things. I also have a habit of constantly apologising or deflecting with self-depreciating humour. Over the years I have been on a couple of similar courses and to be honest they haven’t helped, and one actually was so awful it made my confidence worse after being told I was “child-like”. Tara’s put us at ease straight away with her friendly personality, genuine interest in us and her passion for the subject which shone through.  We had a group session in the morning which Tara made really fun and light hearted (exactly what people with confidence issues need – not a heavy lecture or a feeling they are  being assessed) followed by individual coaching.  The individual coaching was very enlightening and I didn’t realise how much this issue was weighing me down and  affecting me deeply. No - I am not fully “cured” but the training has given me the tools to start understanding why I struggle like I do and what to do to help overcome my self-doubt and the little voice that constantly tells me I am not worthy."  

Vicki Mills, Project Manager Dimensions

"Having met Tara previously through work I approached her to discuss some issues I was facing with confidence in public speaking, 121 meetings with clients and general confidence and direction with my career and life. Tara’s coaching style was perfect for me, very relaxed, never intrusive or over familiar, always of a listening and empathising nature with a general desire to assist me in my goals. She has a natural ability to assist you in seeing what you want out of life, how to attract this and how to be where you see yourself.  We had several sessions over a short period of time and Tara’s support really assisted me in making life changing decisions based around my career. I had been struggling in my then role for a number of years without really knowing that I wasn’t happy in the role and had also been trying for a baby for a long period of time. With Tara’s support, motivation and guidance I was able to feel confident enough to make some challenging decisions and to take a leap of faith that has really improved my quality of life. I am pleased to say I am now expecting our first child, running my own business and finally have my life back. Sometimes we think we are unhappy but we may just be stuck and need some guidance to see the way out of a situation and that the road might not be as tough as we initially thought. Tara was able to help me to see this road in and such a way you would never have known you had had assistance. She is a genuine practitioner who is able to offer support, confidence building and guidance in a perfect non-invasive supportive way. I can’t recommend Tara and her confidence coaching enough. Thank you!"

Niki Pirouz, NPS Director

Stress Management Coaching
Public Speaking Coaching
Confidence Building Coaching
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